Gatling Gun™ Pistol


Featuring a high-speed rotary nozzle, the powerful Gatling Gun™ Pistol delivers high performance cleaning power to hard surfaces through any 500 PSI No-Touch Cleaning system. High-pressure water from the KaiVac machine rotates the rapid fire high-speed nozzle to deep clean target surfaces in rapid fashion. Like a hand-held Gatling gun, it blasts and loosens years of built up and embedded soils without rigorous manual scrubbing and brushing or harsh chemicals. Because of its extreme agitation, it’s ideal for high speed chemical-free cleaning applications, such as Kaivac’s rapid restroom cleaning process. The Gatling Gun Pistol features heavy duty construction for extra long life. The applications for this high-powered tool are limited only by the imagination, restroom fixtures, hard surface flooring, wall surfaces, concrete, stone, equipment, vehicles and much more.

Weight0.9140 lbs