Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning gets into the game at Sports Arena in the Netherlands

This summer, Dutch football gained a very strong player in the 1st line of defence against germs, viruses and contamination – the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning System. This very important event in the life of the Grolsch Veste Stadium, the home to FC Twente Football Club, was also a signicant step towards the cleaner and more cost effective stadium future. Why?

Automatic chemical metering significantly reduces waste of cleaning chemicals and also improves their eciency. As a result, more money can be allowed for sporting purposes.

Thanks to innovative solutions, cleaning of toilets, changing or shower rooms is up to 60 times more ecient in comparison to the used before traditional methods. What’s more, all the soils and contaminants are completely eliminated and disposed safely outside.

Being a multipurpose machine means being able to cope with most of the cleaning tasks wherever it’s needed at the stadium – not only toilets or showers get much cleaner, but also a grandstand, stairwells or outside areas such as sidewalks or car parks.

The Grolsch Veste Stadium shows the way all the small, medium and big sports and concert venues are going to follow. Everywhere cleaning is absolutely necessary and everywhere saving costs and time plays the main role.